A Guide to Visiting Prague – My First European Love


As I took my first step off the plane I blared the Greatest Show from the Greatest Showman soundtrack in my airpods. I was full of emotion and excited to be where I was at the moment in time. I had no idea how naive at traveling and navigating foreign cities I was and let me tell you…the ignorance was bliss.

I had landed in the Czech Republic capital city of Prague.

It was my first day as a “digital nomad.” Truth be told I didn’t even know what that term meant, I just wanted to explore the world, face my fears of leaving home, and leverage my laptop to do it.

I was facing an astronomical fear of leaving home. I had barely been out of my home state of Iowa, yet there I was. Walking into a city with very little experience traveling alone with only my backpack and no return ticket.

Prague will always have a special place in my heart because of this.

This is THE perfect city for any traveler, digital nomad, or expat.

With a wide variety of things to do, lovely parks throughout the city, and much, much more. It is one of my favorite cities in the entire world.

I went there with some friends and ended up returning many times because I made some friends there including Gabi and Kuba, two amazing Czech people that I loved to visit. It’s a great city with so many cafes, coworking spaces, food, and outdoor spots. It’s lovely, really.  And I find Czech people to be fun, welcoming, and weird (in a good way.)

The following is a guide for your next visit to Prague, highlighting my favorite things to do, things to avoid, and how you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

Im going to cover a few things:

  1. Things to do in Prague Beyond the Brochure 
  2. Tips on Where to Stay in Prague 
  3. Day Trips in Prague 
  4. Things to know about Prague 

Let’s get into it. 

Things to Do in Prague Beyond the Brochure

If you’re looking to see a different side of Prague, this is for you. Beyond the usual tourist spots, there are some amazing areas waiting to be discovered. Imagine exploring historic libraries steeped in knowledge, relaxing in parks with stunning views, and diving into the city’s unique underground bar scene. You’ll also find local dance events that bring the city’s culture to life and some great yoga spots perfect for unwinding. This section will guide you through some of the best-kept secrets in Prague, offering experiences that most visitors miss. Let’s see what makes this city truly special, beyond the brochure.

Visit the Clementinum in Prague: A stunning, very old library that made me realize how much knowledge has been collected in the centuries leading up to our lifetimes.

While it is a touristy spot, Clementinum was one of my favorites to visit. The history and knowledge in that library was overwhelming to see. Even though we couldn’t go inside it was crazy to think about how much ancient knowledge was stored here!

Letna Park

one of the best parks in any city I’ve been to in the world. Great place to play sports, run, drink beer in the beer garden, or sit outside and overlook the city from above. You can take the tram there and walk up, rent a scooter, and ride over. You can find people walking their dogs, playing spike ball, or just hanging out enjoying the views. It’s a really fantastic city park.

Hit up the underground bars if that’s your thing. Prague has an interesting underground bar scene stemming from the soviet occupation until the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Vzorkovna is a ratchet yet epic one. If partying is your thing, Prague is your city to experience an epic scene.

Go swing dancing at the Groovy Cats – I went to their Shag festival (a type of dance) on my 2nd trip there. It was epic. Would’ve been more epic if I wasn’t so hungover, oops. I have a podcast that I did with one of the founders of Groovy Cats, Anastasia on the Formula Podcast. check it out if you want to be inspired to dance in the Czech Republic!

Go do yoga at Yoga Karlin.

Go to this lasagna-specific restaurant, Lasagneria– it’s good lasagna and a quick place to eat some great food.

Go drink wine at Vinograf – I went on a date here one time and it was an awesome location.

Vitkov is a great place to catch the sunset – there are workout classes up there almost every afternoon where people come to walk and work out. It’s a beautiful view.

I ate at Mon Ami all the time when I first visited Prague. I would drink wine and eat to my heart’s desire. The owner is super friendly but in a Central European kinda not smiling way. I enjoyed the food and the patio out back was great for reading or writing at night.

Oliver’s Coffee Cup is a super chill cafe to work from

The Prague Jewish Quarter is also a very cool and interesting place to wander through and check out the different sites and shops.

Visit the old town and check out the Astronomical clock. It will be super busy in old town unless it’s super early or late at night. so plan accordingly.

Of course you must visit the Charles Bridge and the Castle and Cathedral that is the creme de la creme of Prague. It will make you feel like you are in a Disney movie.

Petřín Gardens is really cool. It’s worth taking some time and walking around. There is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, An illusion museum, and a quirky cafe.

Artic Bakehouse has phenomenal baked goods

NIGHTMARE Prague Horror Bar is just an example of the quirky stuff you will find in Prague

Kavárna Bílá vrána is another nice cafe to work from

Joystick Bar is a video game bar that’s a great hangout spot. It was super fun and underground, giving the overall experience a unique vibe.

Another great spot to check out is Vyšehrad It is peak medieval Europe vibes and you won’t regret checking out the hidden passages in this unique castle.

Kafka Museum is an awesome yet unsettling museum about the author Franz Kafka. I left feeling very disoriented and it’s not for the faint of heart. But overall a well-done museum.

Místo is another awesome cafe well out of town that is well worth the trip.

Můj šálek kávy is yet another cafe to work at, as you can see the cafes are pretty limitless.

Grotta is a weird, yet quirky park to visit in Prague. Go wander to your heart’s desire.

Lokál Dlouhááá A touristy restaurant that is delicious and traditionally fun. Enjoy the beers, raw beef (if that’s your thing), and the mouth-watering fried-cheese.

Globe Bookstore is a bookstore I visited often and would work out of it

Tips on Where to Stay in Prague Beyond the Brochure

Looking for a good place to stay in Prague without spending too much? I’ve got you covered. Skip the expensive Old Town and find great value options just outside the city center. These neighborhoods offer a mix of charm and convenience, providing a more authentic experience. There’s a bunch of cozy guesthouses, boutique hotels, and unique accommodations that locals love. Enjoy your stay in Prague without breaking the bank.

Avoid Staying in Old Town

Airbnbs around the city are great value, especially outside of the city center. If you avoid Old Town, you will save over 50% on costs and are maybe 10 minutes extra away from everything.

Brix Hostel was the first hostel I ever stayed at. It was an awesome experience, I stayed there for like a month LOL. I made so many friends around the world. Honestly, I was so scared to stay in one for the first time so I slept with my backpack in my arms, afraid someone would steal it. Then when I realized no one cared, I got more comfortable. They do party a lot here though, so heads up. But a great reasonable place to stay.

Day Trips Near Prague Beyond the Brochure

You have to explore beyond Prague’s city limits to get a grip on how amazing this country is. Get out of the city and head out to nearby towns and historic sites, enjoy scenic routes, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Make your Prague visit even more memorable with off-the-beaten-path adventures.

A super epic day trip is to Český Krumlov. I stayed there for three days with one of my best friends, Alex. The castle is epic. We worked from this place and had an amazing time. Unfortunately, the hostel we stayed at has closed, but there are lots of BnBs like this one. We took a bus from Prague to get there for around $20 so it’s a pretty reasonable trip.

A great day trip option is Kutná Hora. You could spend a couple of days here and explore the bone church and local sites. There are plenty of cafes if you want to stay longer and work. You can get there by bus or train. Visit the bone church for a disturbing yet eye-opening experience.

Things to Know about Prague Beyond the Brochure

You have to dig deeper to truly appreciate Prague. There’s so much more than what the guidebooks tell you. Learn about local customs, interesting facts, and cool spots that most visitors miss. Make your Prague experience richer and more authentic by getting to know the city beyond the typical tourist info.

  • Prague is easily accessible from many other cities in Europe by train or a cheap flight.
  • It’s one of my go to cities to spend a lot of time. I absolutely adore the city and my time there is always well spent
  • The beer in Prague is legendary and they have a craft beer scene that has popped up in the last 10 years.
  • There are e-bikes and scooters around. As well as Uber and public transportation. it’s one of the easiest cities to get around in the world, in my humble opinion.

Prague will always have a special place in my heart as the first international city I visited. I have memories of bar crawls, great cafes, swing dancing classes, visiting communist-era buildings, coworking from mansions, and visiting seemingly endless parks. This is one of my favorite cities and one of the best recommendations I can give for travelers heading to Europe.

You will love this trip.

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